The so-called hero, enterprises should rise above the common herd in the fierce market competition, we must grasp market opportunities, seize the opportunity, rapid and steady development, strong peak aluminum at the beginning of the establishment, with the strategic vision to grasp the pulse of the times, look far ahead from a high plane, keep pace with the times, continuous development and growth, to create their own place in the world aluminum production field.
The company adhere to the "professional technology, create high-quality aluminum; sincere service, to ensure customer demand" business purpose, people-oriented, to the capital as the link, take the technology as the foundation, taking the market as the guide, to create a favorable external environment, to maximize the initiative of employees, even under the impact of the financial crisis, companies are still fast, stable and harmonious development.

    The achievement is inseparable from the support and encouragement of leaders at all levels and the understanding and support of our customers. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to all the colleagues on the summit.

   Looking forward to the future, it is a long way to go. Facing the increasingly open market environment, opportunities and challenges coexist. We will continue to strengthen management, optimize management and optimize service, and seize opportunities and accelerate development with brilliant attitude and brand new appearance.

General manager: Lu Bingfeng